8000 Lumens Aluminium Shock Resistant T6 LED Flashlight

8000 Lumens Aluminium Shock Resistant T6 LED Flashlight

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Modern design and versatility are two of the main characteristics of this 8000 Lumens Aluminum LED Flashlight. Ideal for outdoor activities and built waterproof, it also allows for visibility of up to 500 meters. The flashlight has three modes High/Middle/Low and it works with standard AAA batteries.

It has a built-in mechanical zoom feature and a built in strap that makes it easy to carry. This flashlight is built with a CREE T6 LED chip, which ensures a long lifetime and a high quality light.


-Made of high quality aluminum alloy
-Lamp base powered by high power LED
-Lifespan of up to 100,000 hours
-Strike bezel for self-defense
-5 Modes: high / low / strobe / Zoom In / Zoom Out
-Push button switch

    Flashlight 8000 lumens


    led chip


    -Lighting Distance: > 500 meters
    -Light Source: LED Bulbs
    -Switch Mode: High/Middle/Low
    -Battery Type: AAA
    -Zoom: Yes
    -Focal Length: Adjustable
    -Waterproof: Yes


        5 modes

        Light view 1

        Light view 2

        Light view 3

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